Craftmanship, Minimalism and Sustainability food options, handpicking high quality nutritious ingredients meaning behind Nana+LivyOne-Woman-BusinessThe Founder:


Hello! I’m Amelia. I am the founder of Nana+Livy Handmade Bath Treats, a local handmade artisan bath and body shop based in Vancouver, Canada.

My Story

Before dedicating my life to Nana+Livy, I was working as a public accountant with a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation. Although my career was stable and rewarding, I felt that a piece of myself is missing in life.

In 2017, I was on my maternity leave for my second baby. Those days were long and challenging, and soapmaking started to become a hobby to look forward to during those days. Eventually, my passion for soapmaking grew the moment I discovered that healthy food ingredients can be transformed into bath and body products, in which I called them Bath Treats. Then in 2018, with the support from my family and friends, I turned my soapmaking hobby into a full-time small business.

A One-Woman-Business

One-Woman-BusinessRunning a one-woman-business was never easy. Every Bath Treat is designed, crafted and packaged with two hands. On top of that, I spend my time marketing and managing online orders on a daily basis. Everything was new to me, but what kept me inspired and motivated was my passion and pride for soapmaking, and the true support from my family. I was finally able to find that missing piece of myself again in Nana+Livy.

Meaning behind Nana+Livy

The Meaning behind Nana+Livy

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear often is: where does the name Nana+Livy come from and who are they?

And my answer would simply be: I named my brand after my two lovely girls, Natalia (Nana) and Olivianne (Livy). The girls are my world and they are one of my biggest inspirations to kickstart this business.

Our Values:

The core concept behind Nana+Livy is to feed skin of all ages and genders with everyday nutritious food ingredients. Instead of food intake, we should also be able to select a few healthy food ingredients and apply them directly onto our skin for nutrient absorption. And the best way to do this is by using bath and body products.

“Beauty Starts with Food” is an inspiring phrase I always keep in mind while exploring different food options, handpicking high quality nutritious ingredients and experimenting every possibility to enhance skin wellness during production.

food options, handpicking high quality nutritious ingredientsEvery single Bath Treat is carefully formulated and only uses ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. For example, our signature Soap Blocks are made with real food ingredients such as coffee, rose, blueberry, lavender, rice milk, orange, matcha, lemon, and charcoal. Every Bath Treat is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and palm oil-free.

Check out our online shop,, and you can see a full list of ingredients for each Bath Treat and how they can enhance skin wellness.

Craftmanship, Minimalism and Sustainability

Craftmanship, Minimalism and Sustainability“Handmade is not just part of our name, it’s who we are.”

Every single Bath Treat is handmade with passion and pride. Not only do I handmake my bath and body products, but also manage to do my own packaging with a minimal and timeless design.

My brand supports plastic-free packaging in order to promote zero waste and encourages the use of recyclable materials. For example, my Shampoo Bar uses the recycled wrapping paper from a local printing company: Read Full Interview here to learn more.

recycled wrapping paper from a local printing companyConclusion:

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Nana+Livy Handmade Bath Treats as much as you enjoyed taking a bath with a locally handmade bath and body product.

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