In recent years, there has been an increasing trend to buy local. Back in 2016, a poll came to the conclusion that over 60% of Canadians said they try to buy locally whenever possible. This is a big testament to the importance that Canadians see in buying locally.

The fact of the matter is that buying locally is now more important than ever. If you are buying Canadian products, there are various economic, social, and environmental benefits that come with it.

Environmental benefits

Environmental benefitsFor one, buying local products is beneficial for the environment. We are living in a world that is increasingly polluted, a world that is wasting precious resources while simultaneously destroying the environment around us.

Making sure that we as Canadians buy local products can definitely make a big difference when it comes to being green and saving the planet that we expect our children to inherit one day.

One of the biggest environmental benefits of buying local products is the reduced usage of fuel and oil. The consumption of fossil fuels, the creation of greenhouse gases, and the general issue of climate change are problems that affect us all.

Just think about how much fuel it takes to ship raw materials to a third world country, plus the fuel needed to ship those products back here to be sold back to us.

Those are millions and millions of gallons of fuel that can be saved each and every day. Buying locally is a simple way to reduce emissions and to reduce your footprint on this planet. The time to start making sure our kids have a sustainable place to live is right now and it is our responsibility.

Social benefits

Social benefitsBuying locally also comes with a few social benefits that are worth noting. First and foremost, the fact that buying locally strengthens the Canadian economy and the purchasing power of all Canadians is a big social benefit.

The more we buy Canadian products, the more money Canadian business and the government gets, therefore providing citizens with better social benefits like healthcare, dental, prescription drug coverage, daycare, and so much more.

There is also the fact that when you buy locally, you get to meet new people, the people making the products you are buying. Buying locally builds a stronger community with close ties between the members of it.

Economic benefits

Buying locally also comes with many economic benefits, both for you and the people living in your community. If you are buying locally, it means that there are people in the community who produced those products, who work for a living, who earn a wage and get benefits like dental too.

Buying locally strengthens the purchasing power of the community, it provides them with a livable wage, and it makes sure that jobs stay right here. If nothing else, this helps to ensure the strength of the Canadian Dollar.

Small businesses are the drivers of innovation, productivity, job creation and economic growth in Canada. When we buy locally we support the sustainable growth of our economy and ensure a better future for our children.

The High Quality Of Canadian Products

The High Quality Of Canadian ProductsThere is also no denying the fact that Canadian products are generally superior to many others from around the world. Canada has high manufacturing and labor standards, which results in amazing products more often than not.

In terms of quality, you really won’t find anything better than Canadian made. There are hundreds of Canadian brands to choose from, all of which are Canadian owned and all of which make their products right here, so check them out because you won’t find anything better.


Between the vast economic, social, and environmental benefits of buying locally, plus the fact that Canadian products are some of the best in the world, there is no reason not to buy locally!


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