Responsibly FashionableIn a world of fast fashion, we are all asking the same questions. What is eco-fashion and how to be responsibly fashionably! How can we look good while doing good? It’s a tricky question but there are some easy solutions.

Responsibly FashionableHere is everything that you need to know about what is eco-fashion and how to be responsibly fashionable.

What is Eco-Fashion?

Eco-fashion revolves around considering the environment as well as the working conditions of those in the fashion industry. It is all about using sustainable materials and processes. This means using raw and organic materials while avoiding harmful elements.

Pesticides, harmful chemicals, and bleaches are damaging to the environment. While you will find a lot of mass produced clothing that is terrible for our earth, there are more options out there. The good news is that many people are asking what is eco-fashion and how to be responsibly fashionable.

There are so many great eco-fashion options out there today, like clothing made from recycled clothes and other second hand materials.

Another thing to look for is eco-friendly clothing that is fair trade. This means that the people who made the clothes have decent working conditions and receive a fair wage.What is Eco-Fashion

Start Repairing

When it comes to understanding what is eco-fashion and how to be responsibly fashionable, it is key to find ways to cut back on your purchases. One of the easiest ways to do this is to get in the habit of repairing rather than replacing clothes. Learn to sew! Keep your clothes out of the garbage. And bear in mind that some of the clothes you donate can end of thrown away too.

Avoid Fast Fashion

When you start repairing clothes, you will quickly realize that it is all about quality rather than quantity. Stay away from cheap stores that mass produce clothing and exploit foreign workers. Look for well constructed pieces.

Join the Sharing Economy

Find local clothing swaps so you can upgrade your wardrobe anytime you are feeling in a rut. Also get into the habit of checking out local second hand shops. Typically, vintage goods are better made than fast fashion and will last through countless wears.

Invest in Good Quality Pieces

Whether you get your new duds from a second hand store or an upmarket shop, go for high quality items that will last for years. Find local brands that understand what is eco-fashion and how to be responsibly fashionable!

Wash Your Clothes Less

Wash Your Clothes LessFar too many people are in the habit of washing their clothes after every wear. Not only is this bad for the environment, it will wear your clothes down faster. If your clothes don’t smell, they don’t need a wash! Spot clean items and wear them out. And, no matter what you do, avoid tumble drying your clothes. Air drying your clothes will make them last much longer. Invest in a decent drying rack and you will save yourself time and money while doing something good for the planet.


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