Malene Hansen

My name is Malene Hansen, and I’m the proud founder of Conscious Cosmetics.

What’s Conscious Cosmetics?

Conscious Cosmetics is a purveyor of natural beauty products rooted in the Scandinavian devotion to health and wellness.

Why Customers Love Conscious Cosmetics

Our products are ethically and sustainably formulated, tested, produced and packaged.

Product Production

Product production takes patience, and a little bit of magic.

Our products are true, kind and necessary for the health and well-being of all life that beautifies our planet.

Love Conscious Cosmetics

The Finest Ingredients

Our extensive line of artisanal small-batch cosmetics exceeds international health standards by using only the finest ingredients!

Every single ingredient has a purpose and was chosen for a therapeutic reason.

We do not dilute our formulations and refrain from using, fillers, dyes, and fragrance.

Finest Ingredients

Instead, we use natural ingredients abundant in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

About Malene

As a Dane who grew up in Europe and Central and West Africa, Malene was inspired early on by the beauty of life and its simple pleasures.

With a background in indoor architecture and interior design, Malene holds a deeply rooted passion for the Scandinavian love for functionality, simplicity, and sustainability.

Originating from the land where ‘hygge’ has been elevated to an art form, she puts an equal value to aesthetics and aspires to surround herself with anything and everything that nurtures the soul.

She mindfully sources and structures the purest natural ingredients to formulate her artisanal skincare and beauty product line.

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