Interview with Kyla Black

Join us as we chat with Kyla, a fantastic nature photographer from Lethbridge, Alberta and happens to be a MarketSpell vendor…

You can check out Kyla’s work here.

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Tell Us About Yourself:

I’m a nature photographer from Lethbridge, Alberta. You can typically find me outdoors scouting for my next inspiration. Growing up in a very outdoors family is what made me love nature. I developed my love for photography while out and about with my family. Over time my photography hobby became my photography career.

nature photographer from Lethbridge, Alberta

How Does Your Environment Inspire You?

I love living in Lethbridge, Alberta because it is central to so many inspiring places.

I can head west to explore the mountains, head south to explore the badlands, or east to explore the prairie grasslands. The world is so full of beauty and finding inspiration from landscapes, history, and wildlife.

What’s Your Dream?

My dream is to photograph all the unique sights around Canada and inspire others to do the same.

The world is becoming so commercialized and disconnected. I hope to inspire others to get back to their roots and understand what’s important in life. I want to inspire others to help preserve our natural spaces and the animals that call these places home.

nature photographer from Lethbridge, Alberta

Why Photography?

I have always been interested in the arts. As a child, I enjoyed painting and sculpting. What I love about photography is that my studio is the great outdoors. A place that brings me great joy.

What Makes Your Work Unique?

I hope to bring a fresh take on familiar places and introduce people to unknown places throughout the province. My perspective is what makes my work unique.

nature photographer

What Inspires You?

I often find myself down rural backroads in the middle of nowhere. I’ve spent plenty of nights sleeping in my car to ensure I’m in the right place at the right time to catch the light just right for the subject I want to photography.


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