how many beautiful parks and breathtakingBackpacking, road tripping, jet-setting and adventuring around the world are often considered luxuries beyond the reach of those living within smaller budgets. Contrary to this belief, traveling is not only possible for the lifestyles of the wealthy. Traveling on a budget is arguably the best way to travel more often than you thought imaginable and to affordably explore the world.

Traveling on a budgetDeciding whether the goal is an adventure, or to arrive at a specific destination is a great place to start before configuring transportation. Cross-state, cross-country or cross-continental road trips are eye-opening experiences because of how many beautiful parks and breathtaking views can be seen right in your own backyard.

Sharing fuel costs is also a great way to cut transportation costs when budgeting for a trip. Drivers without reliable vehicles can even sign up with the several companies in North America that offer vehicle relocation services for people unable to drive their cars, vans, and RV’s to their desired destinations. This is a great way to get the fuel costs of the trip partially or totally covered.

how many beautiful parks and breathtakingTraveling by plane can easily be done on a budget as well. There are many last minute deals and standby flights available to those that can maintain flexibility in dates or location preference. There are also many reward programs that are worth using if you fly often. Be sure to download the applications that track prices and find the best flight connections as well!

Traveling by plane can easily be done on a budget

Once you arrive at a destination you will need a place to sleep. Camping or van-camping are great ways to decrease or abolish accommodation costs during road trips. There are some amazing do-it-yourself templates that turn an average soccer van into a campervan! Don’t forget a cooler and cooking tools for budget road trips as meals can easily become the biggest expense when they are not carefully and economically executed.

Camping or van-camping are great waysThere are communities of travelers that can be found online that exchange free or economic places to stay for travelers who are flying, traveling without a car, or not interested in camping. Staying with locals in their homes is the best way to authentically learn about the area and connect to the community.

communities of travelersThrough this process, you may discover the most affordable local prices for entertainment and food, as well as places like beaches and parks that are meant for locals rather than tourists. Another option in most tourist destinations is affordable living accommodations such as hostels or traveler houses. These places often offer a volunteer exchange for room and board. These volunteers typically work some hours in reception or the kitchen in exchange for a semi-private or dorm-room bed as well as some or all meals.

This unique opportunity of staying and living in one area while traveling allows for settling, friendships, integration, and exploration that does not happen as easily when quickly passing through as a tourist. Being released from the responsibility of paying for room and board is another perfect way to extend a trip on a small budget, so long as there are not too many ongoing bills or costs or that have been left behind at home.

how long travelers find themselves away from homeDepending on where and how long travelers find themselves away from home they could be entitled to work. At the very least it is possible to find a volunteer or barter-exchange relationships to attain accommodations, food, and fun. Many people work from their computer online or learn to use their skills and training in music, massage, yoga, sports, and art to find work along with their trips.

Traveling on a budget can open the door to opportunities and growth, often more so than a typical luxurious vacation. By minimizing costs, remaining flexible and open, and maintaining even a small income or method for volunteer and barter exchange, traveling can happen more often and could even become a nomadic adventure that lasts forever!


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