There is raising awareness about the state of the earth in relation to the climate. Yes, there is simply no denying the fact that climate change is real and that the earth is quickly changing for the worse. We are living in an unsustainable manner and it will not be able to continue this way for much longer.

Climate change, caused directly and indirectly by us is making this earth increasingly uninhabitable, dangerous, poisonous, and expensive to live on. However, you can help the environment by changing some relatively small things in your everyday life.

The Negative Impact Of Climate Change

There are tons of negative effects of climate change and they all affect us in one way or another. Whether due to health, spatial, or economic issues, climate change, which is either caused or spurred on by our actions, is taking a toll on the planet and the human race.

Rising Sea Levels –

As the earth gets warmer, freshwater glaciers melt into the seas. This, in turn, is causing sea levels to rise. Many islands and other coastal areas around the world are literally being flooded, making them uninhabitable. This also affects ocean currents and their ability to dissipate heat. It’s a big deal. Rising sea levels are displacing populations, destroying entire communities, and even ruining good land too.Rising Sea Levels

Destruction of Fertile Land –

As we just mentioned climate change is destroying the fertile land that is necessary for food production. In some areas, the encroachment of the seas is causing salt to leach into freshwater supplies and fertile land. Also, things like acid rain are destroying land and crops, thus contributing to food shortages.

Increasing Temperatures –

Yes, the world is getting hotter and this is a bad thing indeed. Glaciers are melting, droughts are occurring, and heat waves are killing people far and wide.

Bigger Natural Weather Phenomena –

As climate change continues to worsen, the earth is seeing more hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, and other natural weather phenomena.Bigger Natural Weather Phenomena

Destruction Of Forests, Wildlife, and Fresh Water Reserves –

Climate change is causing the destruction of habitats across the world. Animals and whole species are dying off every year due to climate change.

How To Help The Environment With Everyday Actions

Here are 8 big tips that you can follow in order to reduce your own footprint on this planet. No, these actions won’t do much if you are the only one following these tips and rules, but if everybody gets on board, we can make a really big difference and help curb climate change.

Buy Local Foods –

When you buy local foods, not only are you supporting your local economy, but you are also cutting down on the use of fuel. It costs a lot of money and takes vast quantities of fuel to import food, the fuel that causes GHG emissions and directly causes climate change.Buy Local Foods –

Buy Canadian Products –

Not only should you buy locally grown foods, but locally produced products in general. Like we said, the fuel needed for cargo ships and cargo planes is quickly and effectively causing climate change and killing the earth. Support your local economy and save the world by buying local.Buy Canadian Products –

Cut Down On Electricity Use –

The production of electricity causes a lot of environmental issues and it overloads the electricity grids too. Turn your AC up by a few degrees, shut the lights off when not needed, and don’t leave your TV running. These are simple actions you can follow in order to greatly cut down on electricity waste.

Walk & Bike More –

Cars and trucks use massive amounts of gas that pollute the world and cause climate change. You can try ride-sharing and be carpooling, or even take public transportation. You can even take it one step further by putting those legs of yours to good use, whether you walk, rollerblade, or bike.Walk & Bike More –

Stop The Half Hour Showers –

Water waste is a big deal. It takes a lot of resources to clean water and to deliver it to its destination. The soaps and chemicals you use to bathe also have a negative impact on the environment. Stop those half-hour showers, stop wasting water, and only use as much as is necessary.

Recycle, reuse, repurpose –

Any time you can reuse or recycle an item instead of throwing it away it’s a small victory for the environment. When you are ready to throw something in the trash, take a moment to think if it can be recycled or reused. It’s surprising at how much we can reduce our household waste just by simply taking the time to consider other alternativesRecycle, reuse, repurpose –

Buy items with recycled materials –

You can identify items that use recycled paper or materials by reading the label on the pack. Try to always to choose the item that uses recycled materials. These small actions can help save the planet.

Compost –

Choosing to compost can help you to cut down on your home’s waste and landfill contributions. It’s also an excellent fertilizer for your home garden. Creating a compost system is a much more natural and eco-friendly way to dispose of waste.


As you can see, our world is facing a dire situation. We as a human population simply cannot keep living the way we are. It is totally unsustainable, it is killing the earth, and thus we are literally killing ourselves in the process. It is time to start making some very big changes, both for our sake and for the sake of our children.


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