Stress Kills…Here’s How You Deal With It!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a child, grownup, or in your golden years, stress is present and alive. Stress tells us that something is out of whack, not sitting right. We do need a little stress to keep all our senses healthy and on alert, however, too much stress is detrimental to your health.

Here are a few pointers to help you manage your stress and keep it in check.

Pointer One – Get Rid Of Fake Stress Reducers

Get Rid Of Fake Stress ReducersAn excellent route to alleviating stress is to get rid of those fake stress relievers in your life. This refers to smoking, drugs, or drinking. Each of these is temporary fixes that only create more stress in the big picture.

Pointer Two – Eat Crazy Healthy

Eat Crazy HealthyA well-balanced diet is one of the most direct routes to get rid of stress once and for all. When you are giving your mind and body the nutrients it requires to perform at your best, you’re taking positive steps to leave stress behind.

Pointer Three – Ease Up On The Coffee

Many people don’t understand that caffeine increases anxiety and can even trigger palpitations. Make sure you don’t have coffee after 6 pm and you’re on the right track.

Pointer Four – Get Down With Exercising

Get Down With ExercisingThis is one of the best routes to kick stress to the curb. It really doesn’t matter what type of exercising you are doing. Just make sure you are consistent with it and you challenge yourself.

Pointer Five – Go Outside

The sunshine does wondrous things when it comes to stress. This will help you flip your switch positive and give you the mindset to battle your stresses with a smile.

Pointer Six – Focus Positive

Focus PositiveNegative thoughts are bound to pop into your brain from time to time. Make a point of flipping all of your negative thoughts positive. Always look for the sunshine and leave the dark skies behind.

Pointer Seven – Don’t Be Afraid To Unleash The Kid In You

Don’t Be Afraid To Unleash The Kid In YouThink of the things you liked doing as a kid and do them again. If you liked to paint or draw, make the time to get back at it. This is the time for you to chill and enjoy yourself. An awesome route to help manage your stress.

Pointer Eight – Create Achievable Goals

It’s important that you are realistic when you’re creating your personal goals. Set yourself up for success. When you do this you are going to naturally zap excess stress pronto. In other words, don’t let your set expectations get out of hand when you are looking to set goals for yourself. If you do that you will only create more stress.

Final Words

Stress is a part of life and it’s super important that you learn how to deal with it. Use these pointers to help you get a handle on your stress and make better life decisions for you.

Good luck!


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